Cervical Disc Injury

Most people are familiar with sciatica whereby compression of the nerves in the lower back results in pain into the leg, well the same mechanism can occur in the neck resulting in pain, pins and needles, numbness, weakness or burning (or a combination of all of them if you are really lucky!) into one or both arms.

Self Management

  • Avoid, or minimise the aggravating movements or postures – generally head down postures.
  • Heat or ice to minimise the pain
  • Anti-inflammatory medications may provide benefit and this should be discussed with your GP.

Physiotherapy Management

  • Identify the level(s) of the disc injury
  • Minimise the impact from other structures on the disc pain
  • Advise you on home exercises which will assist
  • Strengthen and regain normal function to minimise longer-term effects
  • Advise you on appropriate review with your GP for scans that may be beneficial
  • Ensure any beneficial postural changes are identified and taught