Musculoskeletal Sports Screening

At KSSP we understand that all athletes, whether professional, competitive or the weekend warrior, simply want to spend as much time as possible on the field, and that any injury which keeps you on the sideline for a period of time can be very frustrating. Here at KSSP we offer a comprehensive musculoskeletal sports screening program, tailored specifically to different sports, which can help prevent that time on the bench! Our musculoskeletal screening is used to identify the athlete’s current musculoskeletal profile, identify any potential risk factors for sports injury, and is then used to help implement a training program designed to address any identified problems. The aims of our screening program are to identify any potential injuries BEFORE they occur, successfully manage any ongoing injuries, and help prevent further recurrence during the sports season.

Our screening program is designed to provide both the athlete and the coach or parent with detailed assessment results and a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation plan. Each athlete will be given a customised exercise program which is tailored to the demands of their sport, tips for managing any ongoing injuries, and a management plan to help them play at their best for the remainder of the season. We will review the athlete, if necessary, throughout the season to ensure that the program is being adhered to, and are happy to liase with the coach or parent during the sports season to monitor the athlete’s progress and performance.

Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment for a musculoskeletal sports screening.