Common Causes

  • Usually a combination of muscle dysfunction and the resultant joint dysfunction
  • Commonly refer pain to the temple and behind the eye(s)
  • Base of skull headaches, without pain to other parts of the head or face implicate the mid cervical region.

Self Management

  • Ensure you avoid or minimise postures which you know aggravate the pain – commonly prolonged sitting at computer screens.
  • If you only get headaches with reading then it can be worthwhile seeing your optometrist for testing of your eyes
  • Under your GPs guidance you can trial anti-inflammatory medication or pain killers

Physiotherapy Management

  • Assess the area of your cervical spine for areas of dysfunction or altered function
  • Treat these locally with releases, stretches and mobilisation
  • Implement a home programme to aid in your self management of the pains
  • Teach you improved posture
  • Ensure your core muscles are positively contributing to your posture and rectify this where they are not.