Massage Benefits

Massage therapy focuses on the areas within your body where pain and muscle tightness inhibits the internal energy flows. Massage has the ability to restore healthy tissue, muscles are relaxed and lengthen to reduce muscles spasms as well as aiding in the recovery from soreness, stiffness and fatigue.

By guiding your awareness away from stress towards deep relaxation, massage therapy promotes restful sleep by with aiding in natural tissue repair. With tissue health restored, increased circulation and improved posture, joint flexibility and movement, balanced is restored to your body.

Massage and Exercise

Massage therapy can assist with increasing endurance and controlling fatigue as well as assisting people to feel better when used in conjunction with a regular health program. Massage therapy can also assist with increasing the rate of muscle recovery by eliminating any irritation cause by waste. By helping to reduce muscle fatigue as well as increasing the rate of recovery, massage can assist in achieving more productive training sessions which can be longer and more effective, therefore resulting in a better performance with fewer injuries.