Netball Knee Program

Netball Australia’s KNEE program is an on court warm up program designed to enhance movement efficiency and prevent injury before training and matches. It includes specific attention to the overhead arm position required of netballers, and conditions an athlete for efficient skills in coping with the multi-directional demands of netball. There are three programs targeting specific groups of players– junior, recreational and elite level athletes.

The program includes warm up, strength, balance/landing and agility sections. It should be completed twice a week for maximum effectiveness, and must be performed with correct technique to eliminate risk of injury. Research indicates the program must be done for a minimum of 10 weeks to make a difference, and must be continued for the effects to maintained.

The full program can be accessed via Netball Australia here.

Our Physio's here at KSSP have created a summary of the Junior program as well as the Recreational program.